It’s time to talk about the suicide rates of Indigenous LGBQTI people in Australia

Nobody knows exactly how many LGBTI Indigenous Australians commit suicide each year, but we know it’s a lot. A new report released last week has highlighted the urgent need to address this issue.

The report from last year’s roundtable, which was released last week, identified the following necessary objectives:

  • To ensure that the voices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexuality and gender diverse community are valued and present
  • To ensure ownership of the issues, the analysis and conclusions with respect to sexuality and gender diverse people
  • To ensure that new insights involving sexuality and gender diverse populations are recognised
  • To connect the voices of the sexuality and gender diverse community directly to evolving policy wherever possible and appropriate
  • To guide further development of ideas found in current reports and literature to supplement the sexuality and gender diverse populations’ concerns that emerged in the Roundtable.

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